Historic Timber

Exploring the attic of an old Dutch farmhouse built during the colonial days of America. I had the privilege of doing shooting, editing and VFX in this piece for Heritage Restorations.

Local Fair

I did a short promo video for an awesome fair that’s hosted—every Thanksgiving weekend—just down the road from me. You can read more about the event here: www.HomesteadFair.com


A short video describing the process for making a walking stick that’ll last for generations. Brazos Walking Sticks is the best place to get yourself supported.


A farm owner in western Virginia tells the story of a piece of American history—the tobacco stick.


A piece of property for sale in the beautiful countryside of Central Texas…If you have a ranch you’re wanting to sell, I’d love to do a promotional video for you.

The Way it used to be done

The Bob Bullock Museum commissioned us to do this short video, it shows how furniture was made in the 19th century.


Incredible artisans demonstrating their crafts.